segunda-feira, 6 de setembro de 2010

morning star

morning star, here I stand between you and the ground, speaking my wishes to you and to the world, and all that takes to wish the same is see her bright soul;

her beautiful hair and ways, the single reprehensive expression that she does when I say bad things, ah, the single lovely expression that she does when we lose our equilibrium while hugging, oh, these moments gave to us our best photos, the very best ones, how I love to stare at them, to feel the years that passed and to dream about the ones that are about to come,

oh, morning star, put a smile in her face, or give me the power to do so;

ah, she left marks on me, her very soul mixed with mine, her very body floating above my hands, our meaningless movements filled up with meaning, spinning in the air over the grass, under the night sky and the silver moon,
ah, she left marks on me, physical ties with her, my first piercing links me to our first talk that I can remember, the first time that my eyes found hers, how beautiful age,

morning star, please, hear me, what sacrifice you demand?

let me be with her, I promise I will, let we have coffee near Paulista and be apart of ours troubled lives for a few moments, let us pretend that the problems are far away, oh, they are far away when I’m with you, how can I feel bad by your side? let me shut my mouth, I didn’t learn this totally yet, let me hear her, let her speak her feelings to me,

morning star, let her hands cross mine and let us walk under the bright sun;

ah, you’re always the one that comprehends me, you, and only you, always understood my necessity to feel bad sometimes, to feel depressive, and knew that these were the best moments for me to talk with myself trough writing,
ah, you’re always the one that comprehends me, you, and only you, always received my childish feelings and wishes as if they’re new and singular, and my loves, everytime that I felt in love you gave me hope to believe they were real, to make them real,

morning star, let our letters endure an entire century;

let our mailboxes be always full of news, of wishes, of wonders, of simple things, ah, the littlest things are always the ones most filled with meaning and reason, let my letters reach her, even when I mistake the address, blessed be the mailman,

morning star, let her day be bright as only she deserves, let her remind the invisible lines that cross space and times to link our bodies and souls, let her see how beautiful she is and the beautiful world that surrounds her, let her realize how lucky she is, let her forgive me, forgive me, for not be as close as I wanted to;

let her see that “I’m always with you in thoughts” isn’t an excuse, it’s the only truth I dare to carry,

oh, morning star, let our travel never end;

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  1. every sunrise reminds me of how grateful I should be.
    thank you for never forgetting,
    thank you for have lived such beautiful moments with me and
    thank you for transforming them in these lovely memories.

    I feel better since I have you
    and I am myself because "I am you are me".

    "não vou
    que eu não sou ninguém de ir em conversa de esquecer a tristeza de um amor que passou. Não, eu só vou se for pra ver uma estrela aparecer na manhã de um novo amor"